Curra Homestead Maleny House Rules and

Helpful Information

We hope you have a wonderful visit and thanks again for choosing our beautiful home.

If you decide to visit Curra Homestead you are agreeing that you and all in your group will abide by our house rules as shown on our website and copied below. This information is provided for your comfort, safety and enjoyment during your visit. If you feel that you or anyone in your group cannot respect our rules, please do not book.

PLEASE NOTE it is a condition of your visit that all children are adequately supervised by adults at all times whilst on the property.

General contact info: Jeremy Hall 0416 154 717  

If you have a non urgent health concern call Healthdirect helpline on 1800 022 222 for free advice and reassurance. In an emergency dial 000.

Please pay particular attention to the following:-

No smoking anywhere inside the house and preferably not on the deck. If you smoke outside, please dispose of your butts thoughtfully.

We do not allow parties or gatherings with more people present than the booked number of guests. Any additional visitors during the time of your stay will be charged accordingly unless previously agreed by us in writing.

Please do not go through gates or fences to where the cattle are. They are all curious and will run towards you looking for treats such as hay. Some of them are large and this will be intimidating. This rule applies not only to adults but please pay particular attention to the safety of any children visiting. Under no circumstances are children allowed into the areas where the cattle are even with adult supervision.

Please take special note that all gates must be kept closed. Gates to the cattle area are fastened off and must not be opened. Any other gate you do open must be immediately closed after you pass through it. Please do not climb any of the gates or fences and do not allow children to do so.

Please keep body parts clear of the white electric fence wire as it can give a hefty shock.

We do not allow the use of illicit drugs anywhere on our property.

Although the neighbours are a fair distance away, it is so quiet around us that noise travels. Please keep music and other noise to a dull roar and turn the volume to low after 10pm.

You are welcome to pick herbs, fruit, flowers and avocados in season but please leave some for the next guests.

We have free Internet via satellite and /or Telstra with limited data due to our rural location. If you are a heavy user please 'hotspot' off your phone. Alternatively, you can recharge our Telstra mobile device if you use all the available allowance by visiting the number to recharge is 0484 068 268. Passwords are on the upstairs fridge.

When it's time for your departure: -

Put used cutlery and crockery in the dishwasher and turn it on.

Empty the rubbish bins and place rubbish outside in the bins at the carport.

Leave the home reasonably clean and tidy so additional cleaning fees won't be necessary.

Turn off all lights, electric blankets, fans, heaters, A/C when departing.

Ensure all windows are closed and all doors closed and locked when departing. We would also ask that you put the covers on the outdoor furniture in case of rain. When you are finished inside, put the front door key in lockbox and spin the tumblers.

Thank you.