The Property and Animals

Curra Homestead sits peacefully among 20 acres of gently sloping open pastures. Originally part of a large dairy it then became an Avocado farm. About 25 of the original Hass avocado trees still remain, their trunk diameter a testament to their age. Additionally there is a citrus orchard as well as other fruit trees including various avocado varieties, macadamia, persimmon, banana, lychee, passion fruit and pomegranate. You are welcome to enjoy whatever fruit is in season.

Our secure chicken pen houses seven hens. Black Betty is the leader of the pack and thinks she owns the place. She tends to be very friendly when the opportunity arises. You are welcome to check the nesting boxes for fresh eggs and enjoy them as they are available. 

The house is private and extremely quiet at night although the frogs residing in the farm dam do go on a bit. We have two hares plus at least one wallaby which seem to call the property home although they are quite shy when people are around.